Bloc mini-cards

Corporate Values

No lies

We hold being honest and up front as a core value. We will tell you the good and the bad and keep you updated. We served with integrity and we will continue to serve you the same way.


Ups and downs
This journey is sure to be a rocky one. We pledge that we will be as transparent as possible with you, the veteran community. Open and honest communication is the only acceptable behavior, no matter the circumstances.

Toghether we can

We served toghether and we will continue to serve with you. This will be a hard journey for most of us, but the military taught us that as a team we can achieve far more than we can alone. We plan to culture and grow the community of users to help and support each other.

Leave no one behind

There is no getting around it. Everyone needs a helping hand at some point. Members of our community are no exception. We don't leave anyone behind on the battlefield and we sure as hell won't do it at home. We will support Veteran Charities to help everyone come home and live a good life.